Bandcamp Finds, Vol. I

Hi gang,

hope you’re alright.
I have been in a huge music slump these last couple of months and I am slowly trying to work my way back into music heaven. While doing so, I went through my bandcamp feed and checked out the new music I had missed and let me tell you – there were some real gems.

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A Peek Into My ‘Stranger Things’ Playlist

With the second season of Stranger Things airing recently, I have dug up one of my older playlists from last year.

After watching the first season I was completely and utterly amazed by the score that Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein had come up with. They are in a really amazing band, S U R V I V E, whose sounds revolve around synth only (which is how the Duffer Brothers found them and asked them to do the soundtrack. Here is a very nice story and interview with Dixon and Stein). Also I just recently learned, that they name their albums after their catalogue numbers. Kind of confused, kind of impressed.
The synthy- retro sounds were one of the main things that made me so obsessed with the show in the first place.

Being the playlist hoarder that I am, I obviously made a playlist inspired by the Stranger Things score. They all have a lot of synch elements to them, and strangely – even though I am not the biggest fan of electronic music- this playlist is one of my current favourites. I have updated it after watching the second season (can we talk about how amazing that season was??) and am now ready to share my finds with you. Some of the songs do contain vocals unlike the original score, but like I said: This is a playlist of songs that, to me, go nicely with some of the songs used in Stranger Things.






Hi gang, hope you’re alright.

You know the drill, here are a couple of songs that I have been enjoying recently. (Look at me not writing a whole paragraph about random facts that nobody needs to know before actually getting into the important things).

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Top Ten: Arctic Monkeys

Hi gang,

hope you’re well. If you know me, you know that one of my favorite bands is Arctic Monkeys (and have been for years, my very first indie-rock love), so I felt it was only fair to do a list of my Top 10 songs by them. And it wasn’t easy, I feel like I left some of my children at the pit stop and only realised it after we were driving for half an hour.

My favorite albums of theirs are Suck It and See, and Favourite Worst Nightmare, however, there’s a good mix of songs from every album in this list.

So without any further rambling, here are my favorite Artic Monkeys songs, in no particular order. Hope you enjoy it.

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Friday’s Favourite: Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

I was first introduced to Fleetwood Mac by my Mum, who was obsessed with their song “Oh Diane” from their album Mirage, which led to me listening to that particular album by Fleetwood Mac casually for a really long time. My Mum even owned the album on record, so when she gave me her collection I grew more and more familiar with Fleetwood Mac, however, I never really listened to any other of their records (I might have heard “Dreams” a couple of times before, but who knows)
But, one day as luck would have it, I stumbled across Rumours on Spotify (or Apple Music, whatever I was using at that time), gave it a listen and haven’t been the same ever since.
Rumours is still Fleetwood Mac’s most popular album to this date and Dreams was their only song to become a Number 1 hit.

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Bands That Don’t Get Enough Love: The Walters

“I just need someone in my life to give it structure” is the opening line of the first song on the first release by The Walters, and to be quite honest with you that’s their current role in my life.

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A Trip To Bandcamp – Wishlist August ’17

Hi gang,

hope you’ve had an amazing weekend and that your new week is off to a great start.

I have been spending lots and lots of time on Bandcamp these last couple of months and finding new music and music that I already knew before, but both of these sorts of finds went onto my wishlist.

So in this blogpost (which might become a series – who knows, we’ll see) I’ll give you an insight into my Bandcamp wishlist and hopefully introduce to some new bangers you haven’t heard of yet (or you have but forgot about them. Or maybe you are still listening to it. Either way, you go, that’s good music right there.)

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Friday’s Favourite: A Few Of My All-Time Favourite Songs

Hi gang,

hope you’re doing amazing and that your day has been great so far and will continue to be amazing.

I have been in a music slump the last couple of weeks/months which was very terrifying because that’s the only thing I’m 110% interested in. But it has been getting better the last couple of days, and because there are changes happening in my life that make it harder for me to talk about music 24/7 without everyone getting annoyed I need an outlet for all the music madness that is spinning inside my head, so I am back to this blog.

To get back into writing (and listening to more music again) I have gathered a few of my favourite songs of all-time that I’d like to share with you guys. Most of them, if not all of them, are fairly well known so if you’re looking for something brand new, indie and unknown this might not be for you- However, I’d be very happy if you read it anyways.

(Also I just noticed that most of these are very slow and sad, so soz. I will do another one of these soon with happier songs)

This is the first post in my new Favourites Friday series, and I hope you guys like it.

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Hi gang,

Hope all is well. I’ve been thinking about what to post since I’ve been (obviously) struggling with keeping up with this blog. But life get busy and sometimes really messy so are with me and one day I’ll post consistently.

But for now, here are 20 questions about the music I like.

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Hi gang.

Before getting into the actual post- my only new year’s resolution was to properly get into blogging. And yes, I am aware that it is already February but better late than never, right?


I think you all know the drill by now and in case you don’t: These are my monthly playlists and if my life was a movie, these are the 10 songs that would be on the soundtrack.

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