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Maddie Jay

Maddie Jay has recently dropped her new song „I Got You“ straight from her bedroom studio. With dream-pop vocals mixed with a strong bassline and synths, the „self-proclaimed bedroom producer“ has given the term bedroom-pop a new meaning.

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Yot Club

Yot Club is not an artist you can easily put into a specific genre. Ryan Kaiser’s solo project is diverse and eclectic finding different ways to use instruments, synths, and diverse vocals with almost every song. The Mississippi based artist uses a variety of different sounds, ranging from pop-y sounding guitars to a synth that most definitely sets him apart from many artists in a similar niche.

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Abbie Ozard – Heartbreak radio

If you are in need of some good contemporary 80s inspired pop I have just the thing for you. Mancunian musician Abbie Ozard is currently hitting all the big Spotify Indie playlists.
Having written music since the sweet age of 14, she has recently been discovered by big names like BBC’s Huw Stephens and even played festivals like Neighbourhood Festival or BBC Introducing.

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