Hi gang,

hope you’re well.

Making themed playlists makes me very happy. I have so many playlists it’s somewhat ridiculous and all of them have great names and pictures- it just honestly brings me a lot of joy.

One of my favourite playlists is my ‘Beach Goth’ playlist. The Urban Dictionary definition of Beach Goth is: “Music consisting of both drum rhythms and high reverb guitar riffs that resemble surf but have a sadder tone in its lyrics.” And that’s pretty spot on if you ask me.

The name ‘Beach Goth’ was invented by a band called The Growlers, who also started a festival with the same name in 2012 featuring amazing artists from both the Beach Goth scene and other genres every year.

Here are a few of my favourite artist from this playlist and my favourite songs by them:

The Growlers

This is an obvious one, as The Growlers are quintessential Beach Goth to me. They just recently came out with a new album in September, that I really do enjoy.

Their music puts me in such a good mood and Brooks Nielsen’s voice might just be one of my favourite things to listen to at the moment.

(The fact that they had a concert in Munich 2 months after I moved away hurts my soul by the way)

A couple of my favourite songs by The Growlers are:

  • One Million Lovers
  • Chinese Fountain (“Isn’t techno so shitty? Even disco seems punk.”)
  • Beach Rats
  • I’ll Be Around

(This was so hard)


This band only has one album out, but let me tell you – it’s sooo good. They have a female lead singer and their music reminds me a little bit of Best Coast (also great band if you don’t know them.) It’s a very upbeat album, that I can easily listen to as a whole without getting bored after some time.

So if you want to check out a band with a female vocalist you should listen to these songs by Alvvays:

  • Archie, Marry Me
  • Next Of Kin
  • Ones Who Love You
  • Adult Diversion


The band’s name is an acronym for ‘Fuck It Dog, Life’s a Risk’ and they have two  a m a z i n g  albums out. They are more upbeat and more towards punk than the other bands I talk about in this post, but still Beach Goth. Also from what I’ve seen their live performances are insane!

  • Stoked and Broke
  • 5 to 9
  • 40 oz On Repeat
  • West Coast

Mac Demarco

For some very weird reason it took me a while to get into Mac Demarco, but now I am completely hooked and listen to him on a daily basis. His music makes me very happy and lifts my mood every time – even if the song isn’t necessarily cheerful. It feels a bit lazy – and I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just not music you dance to like you would to FIDLAR for example.

  • Let Her Go
  • Salad Days
  • The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
  • Treat Her Better

(This was just as hard as the Growlers oh my god)


The Walters

To be honest, I know pretty much anything about this band. With some bands, I just listen to the music and don’t get involved in any other way. I found out about them a while back, and I think their music should be an essential for every road trip playlist.

  • I Love You So (so so cute)
  • Life
  • Sweet Marie
  • I Haven’t Been True


In case you liked any of these artists, you can check out my Beach Goth Playlist on Spotify here. Let me know if you enjoy this genre as much as I do, because it might be my favourite right now.