With the second season of Stranger Things airing recently, I have dug up one of my older playlists from last year.

After watching the first season I was completely and utterly amazed by the score that Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein had come up with. They are in a really amazing band, S U R V I V E, whose sounds revolve around synth only (which is how the Duffer Brothers found them and asked them to do the soundtrack. Here is a very nice story and interview with Dixon and Stein). Also I just recently learned, that they name their albums after their catalogue numbers. Kind of confused, kind of impressed.
The synthy- retro sounds were one of the main things that made me so obsessed with the show in the first place.

Being the playlist hoarder that I am, I obviously made a playlist inspired by the Stranger Things score. They all have a lot of synch elements to them, and strangely – even though I am not the biggest fan of electronic music- this playlist is one of my current favourites. I have updated it after watching the second season (can we talk about how amazing that season was??) and am now ready to share my finds with you. Some of the songs do contain vocals unlike the original score, but like I said: This is a playlist of songs that, to me, go nicely with some of the songs used in Stranger Things.