Hi gang,

hope you’ve had an amazing weekend and that your new week is off to a great start.

I have been spending lots and lots of time on Bandcamp these last couple of months and finding new music and music that I already knew before, but both of these sorts of finds went onto my wishlist.

So in this blogpost (which might become a series – who knows, we’ll see) I’ll give you an insight into my Bandcamp wishlist and hopefully introduce to some new bangers you haven’t heard of yet (or you have but forgot about them. Or maybe you are still listening to it. Either way, you go, that’s good music right there.)

Crime – Sports

Sports is a Tulsa based band, whose sound I’d describe as psychedelic dream pop.

I have been kind of obsessing over their music for some time now and I still can’t get enough of it.

They released a new track this month and it is a masterpiece of a song. It’s so different and special, that every time I listen to the song, it feels like the first time because it just does not get boring.


Drowsy – Bane’s World

First of all: The artwork of this EP is so beautiful and so nice to look at, that I didn’t even have to listen to it before putting it on my wishlist.

However, I did obviously listen to it and let me tell you: The music is even better than the artwork. It is really dreamy and makes me want to surf, chill at the beach and drink homemade lemonade. You know these memes where a person goes ‘My skin is clear, my crops are growing, my grades are up’ or whatever, when they see something that makes them feel blessed? That’s what this EP is. (It’s also really nice to just listen to on repeat, because the songs just flow together and do not get boring!! How exciting!!)


I Used To Hate the Ruminaters, Now I Like Them – The Ruminaters

Honestly, do not know anything about this band besides the fact that they make great music. It is very much garage rock, but also makes me imagine myself on a surfboard (even though I don’t know how to surf, but hey. We can all dream.)

They have a song called ‘A Song for A Dandelion’. If their music doesn’t win you over, their song titles definitely will. But for me it’s a 10/10, would recommend listening to I Used To Hate the Ruminaters, Now I Like Them


Terrible Heat – Shampoo

Again, I don’t know much about this band. But one of my teachers showed this in class and weirdly I liked it. Most of the other students hated it, but I really enjoyed it. It has amazing ‘Stranger Things’ Soundtrack feels to it and is so undeniably 80s inspired that I find it oddly fascinating. This might not be everybody’s taste but it is worth a shot. So if you want to feel like you’re in a 80s skating rink, listen to this and it will take you right to your roller skates.


Locket – Crumb

This band is so hard to describe. Overall it sounds very soft, both the vocals and the melodies. However, it is a good mixture between lo-fi and hi-fi and definitely has retro aspects to it with a little bit of funk. That’s the best I can do to describe it, so you’ll have to check it out yourself I’m afraid. There is a good chance you’ll enjoy it though.


That beer called becks remindes me of a haiku I wrote – Field Medic

I admit, it was the title that caught my eye. I had no idea who this band was and I still do not know a lot about them, but this EP is a banger. It has such amazing bedroom-recording and lo-fi vibes, while not being too lo-fi so it makes you say ‘Geez, why did you record this on your Nokia 33-10???’. I was honestly sold when I heard the harmonica in OTL. Yes, Field Medic, yes please.


Catflap – Sobs

Their Bandcamp bio says ‘uncool Pop Music’ but dang they arE SO COOL. Again, the EP goes more towards the lo-fi/ bedroom-recordings genre, so if that isn’t for you, you probably won’t like this EP.

I really enjoy the singers voice and actually prefer it to many other current pop-singers because it is more distinct. Very excited to see what comes next for this band.