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Abbie Ozard – Heartbreak radio

If you are in need of some good contemporary 80s inspired pop I have just the thing for you. Mancunian musician Abbie Ozard is currently hitting all the big Spotify Indie playlists.
Having written music since the sweet age of 14, she has recently been discovered by big names like BBC’s Huw Stephens and even played festivals like Neighbourhood Festival or BBC Introducing.

With her newest release Heartbreak Radio she has now completely won me over. While I enjoyed her first singles, the lastest one – to me – is the most unique out of her four songs. Her voice is dreamy and at times seems kind of absent-minded (in a very good way).
It is a great of example of contemporary dreamy indie-pop that you get stuck in your head for days and days on end. Even your friends who are usually not into indie-pop will most likely enjoy this as it is not only lyrically and vocally outstanding but also the use of synths, a slapping bassline and a great guitar riff complete the song.
Additionally, the song does not fully focus on the lyrics and Ozard’s voice but makes the instruments seem equally as important.

However, Ozard’s voice does not only fit upbeat songs like “Heartbreak Radio” which she proves on her cover of Stay Another Day by East 17 (which I much prefer to the original not gonna lie) and her own song average disguise. Stay Another Day is mostly focused on Abbie’s soft vocals while guitar and drums seem to be supporting her voice. However, in her song average disguise the guitar is what gives the song a very cinematic (maybe even James Bond-ish?)vibe, that makes me see myself with an evening dress in a bar drinking an overpriced Cosmopolitan.

Her latest music video for her song Growing Pains is this artsy concept that first shows a classroom and what seems to be a mix between the cool guy and the outlaw and then switches to the band playing at a very 80s inspired gig (Yes Abbie, to that silver top and the silver eyes, I’m all for it). It then shows the cool guy putting on makeup and hitting the dance floor at Abbie’s gig, and I mean- who can really blame it? It’s a funky song that I’d also do a nice side-step to with red sunglasses on, let’s be honest.

Despite her small discography Abbie Ozard has been able to show variety in her musical style and that she cannot be put in only one genre. It is very much deserved that she has been getting attention by not online blogs and music writers, but also Spotify and has been put on its curated playlists. Abbie Ozard is making herself a name in the indie-pop scene right now, and we can all be very excited for what’s to come.

For people that enjoy: Alvvays, Daughter, Clairo, shoegaze, indie-pop

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