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Even if you are not familiar with the band Lips, you might have heard of its founder and lead-singer Stephanie Brown for her work as a musical director. And if you have ever seen an album cover with a child wearing a huge pair of lips on their head- then you have most likely come across Lips before. I am being completely serious about this, the band represents itself in covers and videos as a child wearing a huge pair of lips. Peak creativity, we can all go home.

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“Shooting Star is largely about how quickly people’s light can be extinguished, no matter how brilliant it was burning at the time.”
This is all you need to know about the artist I want to talk to you about right now. Because is this not what great Tumblr quotes and journal entries are all about?

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Kate Bollinger – No Other Like You

With her recent release “No Other Like You“ Kate Bollinger has yet again proved her talent and songwriting skills. After her single Talk About It and her EP I Don’t Wanna Lose , which she released earlier this summer,
No Other Like You is fits in well with the rest of her songs, but it still manages to stand out: It is more acoustic, with a simple guitar, bass and drum combo and less of her usual tech-y sounds – very refreshing, even if you enjoy the rest of her discography.
Bollinger’s calm voice combined with the smoothness of the instruments in the background makes me want to lie on gras and fall into a light slumber on a sunny fall day. A definite must for every fall playlist.

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