Despite its shortness „B Boys Anthem“ might be one of the best post-punk songs currently. The first song of B Boys’ studio album Dada lures you in so you can’t help but listen to it multiple times and with its slapping bassline you groove along without noticing it.

B Boys Anthem showcases what the band is about – strong guitar and bass riffs, loud vocals and the whole spectrum of emotions. It gives the perfect introduction to the rest of the album.
The song has similarities to music by The Garden, which might be due to the background vocals that echo the lead singer, the use of only guitar, bass and drums, or the fact that every second of the song is used properly- even the short two second silence seems to make you dance even harder afterwards.

Giving you a nostalgic feel of Gang of Four, The B Boys claim their place in contemporary post-punk with „B Boys Anthem“.

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