Hi gang,

hope you’re alright.
I have been in a huge music slump these last couple of months and I am slowly trying to work my way back into music heaven. While doing so, I went through my bandcamp feed and checked out the new music I had missed and let me tell you – there were some real gems.

Video Age – Hold on (I was wrong)

This is exactly what I want to listen to when I’m driving at night. The futuristic song is the lead single of of Video Age’s new album Pop Therapy, which comes out June 15th. It’s very much synth based – so if that isn’t your cup of tea then you might not like this. However, I do advice to to listen to it, because I really don’t see any reasons to dislike this, regardless of the synths.
No matter how happy the song might sound, and how much you see a videotape-like music video of teenagers skating, the lyrics are actually sadder than they might appear.
I am very excited to see what they’ve done with their new album. If you want to listen to some of their other stuff, you can check out their album Living Alone.

Buttertones – Baby C4

The Buttertones announced their new album Midnight in a Moonless Dream recently, and released the lead single Baby C4. Now, I know The Buttertones do some real (positive) weird stuff sometimes and most their music sound like it came straight out of an independent horror movie- but this (in my opinion) tops it all. It’s really hectic, there’s a lot going on and creates an glorious chaos. It makes me want to celebrate Halloween, and I bet you that this is what evil witches and skeletons dance to.

The Drums – Meet Me In Mexico 

Not gonna lie – I did know about this one. However, I will still mention it because it’s so great. It’s a really upbeat song that will most definitely make you want to dance (also makes me feel like being in a club in the 80s?? Somebody explain??), so basically just as most The Drums’ songs do.

All income made through band camp purchases of this song will go to charities to support Mexican earthquake relief efforts. If you want to participate you can buy the song here.

Post Animal – Ralphie

Again – I did know about this. But I’ve talked about Post Animal in a previous post and we all know how I feel about them.

The guys in Post Animal released a new single to promote their upcoming album When I Think of You In a Castle. The second song, that is already available to stream and/or buy, is Special Moment, which was actually already released back in 2017 and they also have a very obscure music video with it.
Ralphie, however, is brand new and so so good. It has really nice guitar riffs and the chorus is really catchy, so by the second time I was listening to it I was already trying to sing along.
The songs aren’t similar at all, so I am really excited to see what the rest of the album is going to be like.

TV Girl – Maddie Acid’s Purple Hearts Club Band

TV Girl came out with a new album and it really is something. The first time I listened to it I was really overwhelmed with what was going on. There are parts of hip hop, electronic and sometimes a tiny hint of lo-fi indie in there, accompanied by different sound effects (e.g. the first song has clips of a woman screaming, which sound like they are straight out of a horror movie).
Personally I preferred there old stuff, but this is a really cool album and it’s different – so I really can’t complain.