“I just need someone in my life to give it structure” is the opening line of the first song on the first release by The Walters, and to be quite honest with you that’s their current role in my life.

The Walters, who label themselves as cardigan rock, are one of my go-to picks whenever somebody asks me for any music tips. Formed in Chicago in 2014, they released two full length releases, however they sadly announced the band’s breakup this week.

Their records are both independently recorded and released, which makes it difficult for bands to not get lost within the ocean of music that is getting released on a daily basis. However, The Walters are doing really really well and even performed at Lollapalooza this year, all without even having a manager (props to them for their organisational skills, teach me your ways)

Working with photographer Kristina Pedersen for their cover of ‘Young Men’, The Walters parodied the cover of The Beach Boys’ ‘Surfer Girl’ because of the frequent comparison between the two bands. But of course, there is no smoke without fire and to be quite honest, their melodies tend to sound very 60’s and their harmonies can sound similar to The Beach Boys (which is in no way a bad thing). However, their modern lo-fi twist on 60’s melodies is what makes them so interesting and stand out from other surf-y indie bands.
All in all, they make you want to buy a surfboard and time-travel to 1960 to surf in the Pacific Ocean.

I have been listening to The Walters for over a year now, especially during summer. because of the easiness that comes with their music. I can listen have their songs on in the background for hours without getting bored or annoyed (it has happend to all of us, be honest), but at the same time I can just chill in my bed listening to their music and pay proper attention, again without getting bored. So relaxed, layed back and unobtrisuve, in the best way possible.

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