Bands that don’t get enough love

Hello gang,

there are a lot of bands out there that don’t get any or very little attention even though they are amazing, which kinda frustrates me.

So here is my attempt to show you a few bands that I love that don’t get enough credit for what they do.


This UK-based band is one of my favourites (I’ll probably say this with every artist but you’ll understand why if you give them a listen). Their sound is very alternative rock, so if you enjoy love songs with a little kick you should definitely go and check them out. I really love the way the drums are so present and such a big part of every song. They’re going to release their self-titled debut album on September 25, so if you want to pre-order it you’ll get their song „Wash Away“ instantly.


This band from Nashville caught my eye while I was looking through 8tracks playlists and I instantly fell in love. I’m so heart-eyes over Chase Lawrence´s voice you have no idea. And I also really like them lyrical wise and the subjects they sing about, since they are so relatable. Overall I love them, they are incredible.

Chase Atlantic

I found this band through tumblr when I saw Mitchell and Clinton’s cover of Chocolate by The 1975 and I was so surprised because it was the first cover of that song that I actually really really liked.

I’d describe their sound as very rock-pop-ish, even though the guitar in most songs reminds me of The 1975.

My favourite song is „Run away“ from their single „Dalliance“. If you like bands like The 1975 I think you should give these guys a listen.

Alvarez Kings

I saw this band when they opened up for Echosmith and let me tell you, they are amazing live and even though they were a part of Vans Warped Tour this year I still wanted to include them in this post.

After seeing them live I’d say their music is very indie-rock and after listening to their new single “Fear To Feel” my feeling was definitely confirmed.

I know my best friend loves them and I think you could really like them too.

Scenic Route To Alaska

I first heard this band at a acoustic outdoor concert with three different artists and they were last and believe me when I say they were so worth sitting in the cold grass and freezing.

They are so energetic and I just really really really love their music and that’s all I can say so please do me and see them in concert if you get the chance!

Young Rising Sons

I first noticed this band when they were on tour with Halsey (if you don’t know who she is, also one of my favourite artists of all time so give her a listen). They are an alternative band from New Jersey and not only opened up for The 1975 last year but also had their own headline tour. I am a big fan, you should definitely check them out.