Hi gang.

Before getting into the actual post- my only new year’s resolution was to properly get into blogging. And yes, I am aware that it is already February but better late than never, right?


I think you all know the drill by now and in case you don’t: These are my monthly playlists and if my life was a movie, these are the 10 songs that would be on the soundtrack.

Dizzy On the Comedown – Turnover

This is probably my favourite song right now. I think it’s very hard to describe Turnover’s sound, but it’s kind of emo dream-pop rock- not that this genre is actually existing, but you know. They are also signed to one of my favourite record labels, which obviously is a plus.

Gap in the Clouds – Yellow Days

Thanks to my Mummy for this one, you were right: His voice is incredible and his whole EP is pure gold. His instrumentals remind me a bit of King Krule, and I am certainly not complaining.

His songs cover different subjects like heartbreak or bad things happening to good people. It all feels so raw and honest and I could’ve put the whole EP in this post, but Gap in the Clouds reminds me of my Mum.

Seventeen – Sjowgren

I honestly know nothing about this band, except that they are two boys and one girl. And that’s it. I don’t even know how to pronounce the name of the band. But their music is so convincing that I don’t need to know anything else to be obsessed with them.

They have a female lead singer and damn her voice is amazing. Do yourself a favour and listen to this song, and then their Demo EP and after that their latest single „Now & Then“ and fall into a deep hole of affection for Sjowgren.

Coming Home – Leon Bridges

Okay, this kid though. He is a retro-soul singer and I am very very much in love with his voice

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about my sweet spot for music from the past decades (and by past I mean pretty much every decade since the 50’s), but trust me when I say that this guy, his voice and his songs are right up my alley. And I honestly believe that he is enough of a commercial artist that everyone could enjoy his music- even if you’re not keen on Soul music.

Better Now – Cloves

My brother (Grüße gehen raus) sent me this song when I was on my way to uni and normally I listen to everything he sends me when I get home. But for some reason (thank you BVG wifi) I downloaded it while I was on my way and let me tell you: The first time I listened to the song I was mesmerised because I thought it was so beautiful. This woman has such a strong and smoky voice and the song is so well produced and the lyrics are amazing, and you can see why this is in my playlist I think.

Colder Parts – HUNNY

I am about 96.7% sure that I’ve talked about HUNNY before, but in case I haven’t: Their music is sad-wave with a twist of 80s post-punk and they were on tour with The Neighbourhood, Bad Suns, The Frights and played Beach Goth Festival. This is one of their newer songs, that I just really enjoy. Don’t really have much more to say here. Give it a listen, you will probably like it.

Everything Is Embarrassing – Sky Ferreira

This is actually an all time favourite song of mine since I want to say 2013? And the story how I found out about it is a little bit embarrassing, so if you want to here it holla @ me and maybe I’ll tell you.

Night Time, My Time is one of the albums the I’ve been listening to for years and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. It’s Sky Ferreira’s only album, which is a bit upsetting, but oh well. I’d say it’s more synth pop than anything else, so if you’re into that you will like her.

Also, she was friends with Michael Jackson and worked with Britney Spears’ producers- whaaaat.

I listen to this song in every life situation, wether I am sad, happy, or anything else- it always fits my mood for some reason

Season 2 Episode 3 – Glass Animals

Glass Animals are love, Glass Animals are life (yes, I am referencing a Shrek meme), we all know that by now. Their new album How To Be A Human Being is such a good follow-up to their debut album ZABA (although it does sound very different in my opinion). And once again I could include the whole album, but that would be kinda inconvenient if you just want to check out one song. Season 2 Episode 3 is my favourite song from their album right now, it changes on a daily basis so I might tweet about Agnes being my favourite song next week- who knows. It has a Stranger Things Soundtrack kinda feel in the beginning and since I have a whole playlist dedicated to theses kind of songs, you can guess that I am very happy about that. And also „My girl eats mayonnaise from a jar while she’s getting blazed“? Love.

Warned You – Good Morning

In my opinion, this might be one of the most beautiful songs from this decade, at least sonically. Good Morning is an amazing band, with an amazing vocalist and their instrumentals are so nice and easy to listen to.

I recently read an interview with the duo and they seem just as chilled and relaxed as their songs are.

La La Land Soundtrack 

This movie is very likely in my Top 5 movies of all time. And the soundtrack is the bomb. I’ve been listening to it so much, it is getting ridiculous. My friend and I were even listening to it when we were getting ready for a party (where they didn’t play any of the La La Land songs, sadly). If this is ever released on vinyl, I will preorder it and buy it in every vision there will ever be. my favourite song is probably City Of Stars, such a beautiful song.