Even if you are not familiar with the band Lips, you might have heard of its founder and lead-singer Stephanie Brown for her work as a musical director. And if you have ever seen an album cover with a child wearing a huge pair of lips on their head- then you have most likely come across Lips before. I am being completely serious about this, the band represents itself in covers and videos as a child wearing a huge pair of lips. Peak creativity, we can all go home.

The members of the band are originally from New Zealand and the United States but are now all based in New York City. Lips was originally a solo project by Stephanie Brown while she was still in a different band. But in 2012 she won the Silver Scroll Award for her song “Everything to Me” (which might be why her voice might s familiar to you). The indie-pop band released three EP’s (“Lips Songs”, “Look, Listen”, “Ghosts and Demons” and their single “Traces of Teddy” before going on a five year hiatus. During this time Stephanie Brown and Fen Ikner were musical directors for the stage play “Daffodils”, including scoring, playing and producing. Due to the success of the play, Brown and Ikner were later asked to be the musical directors for the film adaption. They are now nominated for a APRA Screen Award for Best Original Music in a Feature Film (how sick is this????). But they are not slowing down: With their newest single “Guilty Talk” in August this year they also announced their first full-length debut album to be released in April 2020.

Here is what the band itself had to say about Guilty Talk: “(It) is a song about challenging learned assumptions; things you’ve grown up believing just because once upon a time somebody told you that they were so”.

If you are interested in checking out the band you can do so here: