Maddie Jay has recently dropped her new song „I Got You“ straight from her bedroom studio. With dream-pop vocals mixed with a strong bassline and synths, the „self-proclaimed bedroom producer“ has given the term bedroom-pop a new meaning.

Her love for jangle pop and synthesizers is clearly audible in her art and her past releases, alongside „I Got You“, are noticeably influenced by her own practice of the bass.
The LA-based multi-instrumentalist takes inspiration from older music, naming The Beach Boys and Harry Nilsson.

Jay has recently worked with four other female artists on a collective called Her Songs. Maddie Jay, Marie Dahlstrom, Dani Murcia, The Naked Eye, and Emily C. Browning, all from different parts of the world, met in Los Angeles to write and record an EP in less than a week. Listen to it here.

Maddie Jay is an artist to watch over the next months as she will most likely blow our socks off with new music and mark her spot in the world of bedroom pop.

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