If my life this month was a movie this would be the soundtrack.

Street Knock – Swizz Beatz & A$AP Rocky

I found this song a few months back but this month I’ve been listening to it non stop. It’s the one songs I want to listen to in the car or if I need to feel really confident and badass.
( The first three lines are my favourite by the way- hocus pocus)

Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd

I used to listen to this song when it came out in June and you know that feeling when you get sick of a song you really like because you listened to it too often? That’s basically what happened. So we took a break and now we’re back together, going strong and have been inseparable for the last weeks.

How Soon Is Now? – The Smiths

I really really really like The Smiths, so How Soon Is Now? is basically just representative of many songs by them. If you happen to not know who The Smiths are – no worries I got you.
The Smiths were a british band from the 1980s and their sound was very indie-rock. According to the NME (New Music Express, a british music magazine) The Smiths are the „most influential artist ever“.

Electric Love – Børns

I don’t really remember how I found this song but it was probably through an 8tracks playlist and it’s been one of my favorite more upbeat songs this month (it’s one of the songs I’ve been dancing to in my room but let’s keep that a secret).
I can’t wait for his debut album being released in october.

Unsaid – Flor

I found this band through twitter and I’ve been obsessed with their music ever since. This month I’ve been listening to Unsaid the most and I wasn’t able to get the melody out of my head.
They are on a tour in the US right now, so of you live in the United States and you want to see them, now is your chance.

Dirty Dancer – Kingsland Road

Again, I probably found this song through 8tracks. Kingsland Road released their debut album in march this year but sadly split up in June. However I do enjoy this song a lot since it puts me in a very good mood no matter how I’m feeling.

Memo – Years & Years

This is by far one of my favorite songs by Years & Years.
I adore Olly Alexander’s voice and I love the lyrics of this song.
If you don’t know any songs by Years & Years and you like Electro Pop I highly recommend you give them a listen.

Guns For Hands – Twenty One Pilots

Again, this song is very representative for every Twenty One Pilots song, because if you know me, you know how much I love Twenty One Pilots. They are one of my favorite bands ever so obviously I had to include them. Guns For Hands is a song I’ve been particularly loving this month. I just really love Tyler and Josh there’s nothing else to say honestly.