Hi gang,
my friend Olivia reached out to me a few weeks ago and introduced me to a band called Sam The Astronaut, who recently released their debut album. Since I enjoyed their album ’Girls of Summer’‚ I didn’t want to keep it from you.

Sam The Astronaut is a Vancouver based duo, who formed the band while attending a music school.
They produced and mixed their album themselves and I believe they played all the instruments on the songs – I am not 100% sure though.

The reason I enjoyed this album so much is because it is such an ‘album album’. You can easily listen to it from beginning to end without it getting boring. We all know albums that get boring after a while when you listen to the whole thing but this one really doesn’t.
For me that’s the case because on this album you have such a good mix between more upbeat and calmer songs. You have ‘Waves’ and ‘Run’ (the drums at the end of that song are sooo cool), which are more upbeat and on the other hand you have ‘Sunshine Gold’ or ‘Stop In The Moment’ which are more laid-back and chilled compared to others on this record. One of my personal favorites is ’19’. It’s nothing like any of the other songs and is so beautiful (not that the others aren’s but you get what I mean). For me it’s one of the songs that stand out the most.
Another thing that I really enjoyed were the lyrics. Obviously their songs are sonically really nice and you can listen to the songs without having to pay attention to what they’re actually saying. I really enjoyed the way the lyrics were written and that they are very personal from time to time although they still give you enough space to interpret them however you want and adapt them to your own life and memories.

Overall, this is a great album. The lyrics are A+, sonically it’s great, it’s mixture between upbeat and laid-back songs.
It’s definitely a feel good album (even though I can see myself crying to ’19’, not going to lie) and it’s filled with summer vibes.
So congrats boys, this is a hell of a debut album.

Rating: ♪♪♪♪♪ (5/5)