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Hi gang,
my friend Olivia reached out to me a few weeks ago and introduced me to a band called Sam The Astronaut, who recently released their debut album. Since I enjoyed their album ’Girls of Summer’‚ I didn’t want to keep it from you.

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Hi gang,
I am back with a new part of ’10 QUESTIONS TO…”
This time I asked music blogger Paige from PaigeBackstage to answer these questions (you can check out the first one I did with my friend Olivia here).
You can read more about Paige’s music taste on her blog, watch her youtube channel for everything music and vinyl related, or check out her Instagram and Twitter.

I hope you guys enjoy this and thank you again to Paige for doing this!

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July Soundtrack

Hello gang,
I am back with my July Soundtrack (the last one was sooo long ago due to my hiatus, soz). I hope you enjoy it and maybe you can find some songs or artists that you enjoy and we can jam together and have band parties on twitter.

I’ll see you very soon, thank you for reading x

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Hello gang,
after my very long hiatus I am back and I apologize for not being active anywhere. I’ll try and change that (can’t promise anything tho, tried that and it worked out horribly).
I found a tag on Youtube about my favorite music related topic – Vinyl. Thought I might as well do that, since I talk about this a lot anyways.
Hope you enjoy this, let me know what you’d like to see and if you own any records!
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Favorite acoustic songs

Hello gang,

hope you are all well and that your life is going great.
I promised a new post on twitter last week so here you go, these are a few of my favorite acoustic songs.
I tried to link youtube videos/tumblr audios for each song, but in case it isn’t working for some reason, please let me know.
I hope you enjoy this and find new songs you like.
If you want feel free to tell me you favorite acoustic songs in the comments or on twitter x

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Hello gang,

this is a new concept I wanted to try on my blog called “10 QUESTIONS TO…”. Basically I’m just going to ask different people the same 10 questions and see what their answers are.

I tried to choose questions that show you a lot about the person’s music taste and I think it worked out pretty well.

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Hi gang,

since I didn’t do a September Soundtrack and my October Soundtrack is way overdue I’m just going to call this my Autumn Soundtrack ( also there are more songs so that’s cool)

So if my life was a movie, these are the songs they’d play for the autumn part.

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If my life this month was a movie this would be the soundtrack.

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Bands that don’t get enough love

Hello gang,

there are a lot of bands out there that don’t get any or very little attention even though they are amazing, which kinda frustrates me.

So here is my attempt to show you a few bands that I love that don’t get enough credit for what they do.

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