“Shooting Star is largely about how quickly people’s light can be extinguished, no matter how brilliant it was burning at the time.”
This is all you need to know about the artist I want to talk to you about right now. Because is this not what great Tumblr quotes and journal entries are all about?

But this is not all: the song it is referring to is a wonderful shoegaze tune. But what genius is behind this beautiful quote? It is Pool Shop aka Jamiee Fryer. The Brisbane-based vocalist and guitarist of slacker pop band Major Leagues and is now working on her solo project Pool Shop. Two years ago she released her first two singles “How Long” and “Can You Dream” and in 2019 she finally released her most recent single Shooting Star. I will not go into the first two, but definitely give them a listen. Jana approved for every shoegaze playlist.

Back to Shooting Star: it is a gorgeous, melancholic dreampop song. Fryer has described the song as deeply personal, as it the topic is an issue that many people can relate to: Depression and anxiety. This makes the lyrics even more devastating. The sound, however, is a lot lighter, more beautiful and comforting. It is filled with delicate reverbs on the guitar and instrumental parts.

Unlike her other songs (that were mostly recorded in her house) Pool Shop produced the song with producer Aidan Hogg with her band at a record studio in Brisbane. Jamiee Fryer is a believer of maximizing the use of the instruments you already have: That is why when she started the recording session she used synthesizers and guitar pedal effects. However, working with a producer made the song a little bit more polished than it might have been before.

Being able to make devastating lyrics work so well with a light, delicate instrumental is what dreampop is all about for me. And Pool Shop is a great artist to look into if it is the same for you.
And what is even more exciting: Jamiee has hinted towards an EP in an interview earlier this year.

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