Hi gang, hope you’re alright.

You know the drill, here are a couple of songs that I have been enjoying recently. (Look at me not writing a whole paragraph about random facts that nobody needs to know before actually getting into the important things).

Barely – HOAX

This song is from on HOAX’s debut album which is called “Words that end with Wh(y)”, what – in my humble opinion – is such a clever concept for an album and I have never seen something like it before (if you have please make sure to let me know).
The band has stated that the song is “about accepting one another for our individualities.” It addresses tensions that arise when you feel treated unfairly and like your dreams are being put down.
With its soulful vocals from lead singer Michael, and the retro sounding guitar and bass, HOAX make a very relatable topic seem very bearable.

Babyijustwannaskate – Horsecops

I honestly can’t really tell you anything about the band except that their music is really amazing. Some of their songs from their album “Annie” are more guitar based, but Babyijustwannaskate is very heavily synch based and the vocals are very monotone and distorted and it all just goes together so well and I don’t understand why this has under 10,000 streams on Spotify. WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS?? THIS IS AMAZING GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE

Alabaster – Post Animal

One of my favourite bands at the moment!! So good, so psychedelic, I can’t seem getting tired of it. Alabaster is on their debut album “Perform the Most Curious Water Activities” from 2015, which I had listened to when it came out but somehow it got lost but has risen from the Bermuda Triangle that is my iTunes.
Also their newest single is A+ and so is their EPs from last year. So much love for this band and all the people in it.

One of their guitarists, Javi Reyes, recently suffered from a stroke and had to be hospitalised. There is a fundraiser in order to cover his hospital bills. If you have a dollar to spare please consider donating here:



Stevie Knicks – Girlyboi

I am pretty sure I stumbled upon this when I was reaching for a Stevie Nicks song and I accidentally misspelled her name as “Knicks” and gave it a listen because I thought the cover looked like a perfume advert and lemme tell ya, I am so very happy that I wasn’t able to spell a name properly. It’s a folk-y duet that seems to have been influenced by 1960s psychedelic bands (God, how I wish it was 1969 and Girlyboi was performing at Woodstock!!) and it’s about lovers/friends who are in a band and get their art from the joy and heartbreak that comes with their relationship, similar to what was going on in Fleetwood Mac at certain times.

(Also “Baby, break my heart and call it heart”, might be my favourite line of 2017)

What songs have you been enjoying recently?