Yot Club is not an artist you can easily put into a specific genre. Ryan Kaiser’s solo project is diverse and eclectic finding different ways to use instruments, synths, and diverse vocals with almost every song. The Mississippi based artist uses a variety of different sounds, ranging from pop-y sounding guitars to a synth that most definitely sets him apart from many artists in a similar niche.

I have been trying to think of a genre that would fit Yot Club, but nothing seems to work. The one concept that consistently pops into my head when listening to his music is summer- it is the perfect soundtrack for spending a sunny day at the beach with friends.

So far, Ryan has released three EP’s since the beginning of this year (Bipolar, Bleach Beach, aquarium). Along with those, he frequently releases music on his SoundCloud, some of which are currently not available on streaming services.

With everything that Yot Club has released to this date, we can sure look forward to what he will do in the future.

For people that like: CASTLEBEAT, BOYO, beach-y indie-pop

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